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Product Videos
Sometimes you need to see something in action to understand it. See below for a wealth of videos of our products in use.

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AIR-141 Air Power Soccer Disk
AIR-160 Paper Balloon Paradox
AIR-270 Air Zooka!
AIR-275 Harbottle Differential Pressure Demonstration
AIR-280 Atmospheric Mat
AIR-285 Cloud Bottle
AIR-300 PowerUp 2.0
AIR-310 PowerUp 4.0
AIR-430 HandCopters
AIR-480 Flying Butterfly
AIR-520 Hovercraft Class Kit
AIR-550 Bernoulli Blaster
AIR-610 Balloon Helicopter
AIR-900 Air Pressure Bundle
AS-800 Self-Inflating Balloons
BALL-100 Super Bouncing Ball Kits
BIO-125 Peptide: A Protein Building Game
BIO-130 Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game
BIO-135 Cellulose - A Plant Cell Biology Game
BIO-140 Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game
BIO-170 AquaSprouts Garden
BIO-500 Backyard Brains Muscle SpikerBox Bundle
BIO-505 Backyard Brains Claw Bundle
BIO-510 Backyard Brains Human-Human-Interface
BIO-530 Backyard Brains Heart and Brain Spikerbox
BIO-560 Backyard Brains DIY Neuroprosthetic Kit
BLK-100 Amazing Ice Melting Blocks
BOM-110 Boomwhacker Music Book
BOM-150 Basic Boomwhacker Set
BOT-800 Milk Bottle & Egg Demo
BUB-700/710 No-Pop Bubbles
BUZ-100 Buzzing Stunt Magnets
CAN-300 Rocket Film Canisters
CD-4 Fizz-Keeper Pumps
CD-440 Jellyfish Cartesian Diver
CD-750 FACES Composite Picture Software
CDH-413/422 Catch and Release Cartesian Diver
CHM-300 Ion: A Compound Building Game
CHM-305 Covalence: A Molecule Building Game
CK-600 Alginate Worm Kit
CRY-125 Crystal Growing Kit
CRY-200 Magic Crystal Tree
CST-220 e-Blox Circuit Blox 120
CST-222 e-Blox Circuit Blox 395
CST-224 e-Blox Circuit Blox 800
CST-254 e-Blox Power Blox Builds Deluxe Set
CST-256 e-Blox Power Blox Starter Set
CST-260 e-Blox Power Blox Builds 4-in-1
CST-266 e-Blox Power Blox Advanced Set
CST-268 e-Blox Power Blox Pro Set
CST-270 e-Blox Power Blox Flashing Frenzy Set
CST-460 Dazzlinks Cardboard Classroom Pack
CST-485 Dazzlinks Beams Classroom Kit
CST-675 Plus-Plus
CST-585 Architectural Engineering STEM Experiment Kit
CTR-200 Balancing Bird Demo
CTR-270 Balancing Bird Puzzle
CTR-300/305/310 Octacog Balance Construction Toy and Game
DB-100 Drinking Bird
DEN-300 Density Paradox
DEN-350 Steel Sphere Density Kit
DEN-445 Flowing Color Spectrum
DEN-460 Poly Density Kit
DEN-475 ZigZag Density Tumbler
DEN-900 Are You Dense? Bundle
DFM-100 Density Flow Models
DIA-100 Lung/Diaphragm Demo
ED-175 Neodymium Magnet Experimenter's Set
ENG-200 Wilesco D2 Mini Steam Engine
ENG-210 Wilesco D10 Steam Engine with Add-On Generator/Light Kit
ENG-220 Wilesco D18 Steam Engine with Integral Generator & Light
ENG-230 Wilesco D3 Steam Engine
ENG-240 Wilesco D6 Steam Engine
ENG-250 Wilesco D14 Steam Engine
ENG-255 Wilesco D16 Steam Engine
ENG-260 Wilesco D165 Steam Engine Super Saver Set
ENG-265 Wilesco D20 Steam Engine
ENG-275 Wilesco D22 Steam Engine
ENG-285 Wilesco D455 Vertical Steam Engine
ENG-290 Wilesco Steam Engine D5 Kit
ENG-295 Wilesco Steam Engine D9 Kit
ENG-400 Wilesco Nostalgic Roundabout with Horses-M 48
ENG-414 Wilesco Steam Workshop-D 141
ENG-416 Wilesco Steamdriven Fire Engine-D 305
ENG-418 Wilesco Foden Steam Lorry 'Mighty Atom'-D 310
ENG-420 Wilesco Steam Lorry-D 320/with RC
ENG-434 Wilesco Steamrollers
FF-200 Ferrofluid Preform Display Cell
FF-400 Ferrofluid Bolt Kit
FIL-235 UV Filter Set
FIL-300 Chromatography Filter Paper
FIR-150 Fire Syringe Demo
GB-270 Polymer Snow Tube
GB-300/315/320/380 Instant Snow Polymer
GB-5B/C Water Gel Crystals-"Ghost Crystals"
GB-6A/B Sodium Polyacrylate (Diaper Polymer)
GB-702/710/730 Growing Spheres
GL-500 The Disappearing Beaker
GLO-120 Glow-Bright Concentrate
GLO-210 Glo Germ™
GRN-100 Windmill Generator-Green Science Kit
GRN-120 Tin Can Robot-Green Science Kit
GRN-200 The PowerWheel
GRN-400 Clean Water Science Kit
GRN-410 Solar Robot
GRN-415 Solar Rover
GRN-435 Volcano Making Kit
GRO-130 TickleMePlants™
GRO-145 TickleMePlant™ Classroom Kit
GRO-175 Resurrection Plant
GRO-220 Plant Maze Kit
GYR-270 Classic Gyroscope
GYR-285 Light Up Gyro Wheel
HAL-905 Spooky Science Bundle 2
HB-100 Handboiler
HB-200 Horizontal Hand Boiler Demonstration
HEA-400/415 Chemical Heat Pack
HOB-300/315 Hoberman Switch Pitch Ball
HS-11 Organic Fold-A-Matic
HS-2A Piezo Popper Kit
HS-2B Piezo-electric Igniter
HS-6 Nitinol Memory Wire by the Foot
HS-620 Nitinol Spring
HS-8 Smashing! Steel Sphere Demo Kit
HS-9 Nitinol Memory Wire Samples
HSL-100SP/300SP/600SP Home Science Lab en Español
HSL-100/300/600 Home Science Lab
KIT-321 3-2-1 Blast Off! Kit
KIT-700/710 HomoMotor Kit
KLW-200 Flywheel Powered zeCar
LC-2025A/2530A/3035A Liquid Crystal Sheets (12x12 inch)
LC-2025B/2530B/3035B Liquid Crystal Sheets (4x4 inch)
LC-ASTX Liquid Crystal Sample Assortment
LED-RED Photon MicroLights
LEN-500 Fresnel Lenses
LGT-330 Subtractive Color Theory Demonstration
LGT-350 Light Modulator
LGT-400 Instant Light Powder
LSP-615/620/625 databot™ 2.0
LSR-200 Green Lasers
M-100 Neodymium Magnets
M-187 25 Pack of Neodymium Magnets
M-255 Magnetic Field Cube
M-560 Magnetic Field Viewer Film
M-600 Iron Filings-one Pound Package
M-617 Magnetic Field Pattern Window
M-780 Floating Ring Magnet Set
MAG-100 Magnaprobe
MAG-250 Wave Wires Magnet Set
MAG-300 Magnetic Sand Timer
MAG-400/415 Magnetic Accelerator
MAR-335 Star Coaster Level 5
MER-100 Polymer Bead Demonstration
MIC-610 Pocket LED Hand-Held Microscopes
MIC-855 Dino-Lite Pro with Adjustable Polarizer
MIC-860 Dino-Lite Edge AM4115ZT
MIC-865 Dino-Lite Edge AM4815ZT
MIC-875 Dino-Eye Premier
MIR-135 Mirascope
MOD-150/155/172/175 Molymod Molecular Model Sets
MOD-300 Happy Atoms Complete Set (50 Atoms)
MOD-305 Happy Atoms Introductory Set (17 Atoms)
MOD-310 Happy Atoms Educator's Bundle (250 Atoms)
MS-2BLU/3GRN/3PNK Fluorescent Magic Sand
NE-125 Newton's Kinetic YoYo
NEW-115 Newton's Cradle
OHM-150 The Transparent Alternator Kit
OHM-175/190 Squishy Circuits
OHM-265 MudWatt Science Fair Pack
OHM-270 MudWatt Classroom Pack
OHM-350 Energy Tube
OHM-380 Goldenrod Electrochemistry Kit
OHM-510/520 Crazy Circuits
OPT-255/230 Mystery Marbles
OPT-350 Magic Wire Illusion
PEN-125 Spy Pen-Invisible Ink Pen
PER-355 Periodic-Game of the Elements
PF-1 Polarizing Filter Demo Kit
PF-3 Polarizing Filters
PF-7A Polarizing Cellophane Tape
PG-2 Double Axis Diffraction Grating Material
PHY-250 Centripetal Spinner
PHY-265 Flow Ring
PHY-300 The SpillNot
PHY-420 Subatomic: An Atom Building Game
PIT-120 Foucault's Pendulum
PLS-105 Plasma Globe
PLS-110/120 Plasma Globe Experiment Kit
POP-100 Dropper Popper
POP-200 Bo!nks
PSM-100 Prisms, Equilateral & Right Angle
PUT-300 Melting Snowman
PUZ-160 The Think Tube
PUZ-400 Exit: Escape Room Kits
RAD-105 Radiometer
RH-105 Rheoscopic Fluid
RKT-140/155/160/165 Rocket Balloons
RKT-210 Articulating Stomp Rocket System
RKT-555 Mighty Seltzer Rocket
RKT-625 Reaction Rocket
RM-12 Television Stones-Ulexite
RM-300 Pumice Samples
RM-350/385/390 Crystal Growing Dolomite
RM-400 Fluorescent Mineral Set
RM-520 Bismuth Crystal
RM-700 Mini Lava Lamp
ROB-210 ScooterBots
ROB-230 ScooterArt
ROB-320 Dance with our Stars: Robots and Sliders
ROB-570 Robotic Arm Wire Controlled
ROB-575 SolarBot.14
ROB-580 HydroBot Arm Kit
SB-100 Putt Putt Steam Boat
SC-300 Pressure Pullers
SL-1/2 Slime-Making Kits & Glowing Slime Kits
SL-300 Classroom Slime Kit
SL-310 Pick-Your-Color Slime Kits
SL-820 Super Slime Mega Kit
SM-500 Aerogel
SM-510 Dissolving Paper
SM-7 Phosphorescent Vinyl Sheets
SM-925 Goldenrod Color-Changing Paper
SNG-100 Singing Rod
SNG-600 Pocket Sound Blaster
SPC-200 ColorFlame Candles
SPP-40 Nature Print Paper
SPR-225 Plastic Wave Spring
SPT-100 Chinese Spouting Bowl
SS-1/120/125/130 Tornado Tubes
SS-10 Fountain Connection
SS-11 World's Simplest Motor™
SS-150 Seismic Accelerator (Astro-Blaster Multiple Collision Accelerator)
SS-3 Choositz Decision Balls
SS-30 Energy Ball
SS-300 Rattlebacks
SS-400 The Vortx™
SS-40B/F Fortune Fish
SS-6 Liquid Light Demo
SS-600 Sound Tubes
SS-900 Touch and See Square
SS-910 Write & See Squares
STC-150 Static Spheres
STC-160 Static Snowstorm Kit
STC-200 Static Electricity Electroscope
STY-100 Styrofoam Pellets two liters container (2 quarts)
SUB-10 Diving Submarine
SUN-100 Sunspotter Solar Telescope
TIM-100 Construct-A-Clock
TIM-212 Bubble Timer
TIM-705/720 MyChron-Student Timers
TOP-205 Revolution Top
TOP-380 Wind Gyro
TOP-400 Euler's Disk
TOP-410 The PhiTOP
TOP-415 The PhoTOP
UV-AST Ultraviolet Detecting Beads
VAC-10/16 Microscale Vacuum Apparatus
WK-1 Wooden Car Kit
YEN-110 Floating Yen Coins
ZL-115 Zero Blaster