E-Blox Building Sets

E-Blox® are not your ordinary building blocks. Not only can they be used to build your creations, they can also bring them to life! E-Blox® use patented technology, which consists of tin- plated blocks (Power Blox Set) or copper pins and sockets (Circuit Blox set) that connect to a battery block, powering the electrical component blocks. The plated blocks used in our Power Blox set allow you to seamlessly integrate electronic circuitry into your builds to illuminate them with no wires to bundle or hide. The voltage across these plated blocks is very low, so there is virtually no risk of electrical shock when you touch them. And our Circuit Blox set includes parts that enable interworking with our Power Blox Set so you can also add motors, speakers, and amplifiers to your builds to create sound effects and launch fans.
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