We think you'll find our magnets especially "attractive". With a magnetic pole on each end, the standard Alnico cow magnet is perfect for a 3-D demonstration of magnetic fields. Strong and safe, high-grade ceramic magnets have been used for years for experimentation, projects, or simply to hold papers to magnetic chalk boards. When tossed in the air, Buzzing Stunt Magnets produce a clattering sound, much like a Cicada or high voltage sparking. The Floating Ring Magnet Set is a great demonstration of magnetic fields - the colorful magnets float effortlessly above each other! Pole Magnetic Marbles allow students to discover "unlikes" attract and "likes" repel. Red (north) will only stick to blue (south)! Each Magnetic Wand contains a permanent magnet molded into the end of a brightly colored plastic handle which is durable and easy to clean. Alnico Magnets are painted red with a white dot to indicate the north pole and are supplied in pairs with keepers.

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