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  • ScooterArt - Single Pack
    Item #: ROB-230
  • Backordered: 06/17/24
  • ScooterArt Class Pack of 10
    Item #: ROB-235
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  • *Backordered: 06/17/24
Build your own robotic 'Jackson Pollock' to explore engineering and robotics.


Our ScooterArt Kit lets students build their own robotic "Jackson Pollock" to explore many principles of engineering and robotics. Each bot stands on three legs made of water-soluble markers and relies upon a battery-operated pulsating motor to slide and skitter around, leaving a colorful trail behind. What happens if you change the length of one (or more) leg? Change the motor's orientation or weight? Can you make your bot travel in a straight line? In a circle? Dozens of variables mean hours of open-ended experimentation! Single kit contains a DC motor, 2 AA batteries, 3 felt-tip markers, 6 double-sided adhesive foam squares, a plastic cup and instruction sheet with project ideas. Marker colors may vary.

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