Earth Science & Geology Kits for Students

Bring the Earth Sciences to life with the truly amazing and versatile Density Flow Model. The Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiment Kit is a scientific experiment you can eat! Crystals grow to full size in just 7 days! Help identify a mineral by determining its hardness and performing a streak test. Everyone loves to pull apart the layers from a specimen of mica. Don't be fooled by the seemingly normal Sticky Stones; they're magnetic! Students can sort fossils or shark teeth. They can also create their own fossil replicas with the Fossilworks Fossil Molding Kit or the Tooth & Claw Molds and PerfectCast Casting Medium.
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Awesome Activities and Kits for Earth Science and Geology Lessons

With earth science and geology kits from Educational Innovations, you can make your curriculum rock! We have a variety of earth science kits, activities and exciting objects to supplement your earth-shattering lessons. Grab the entire room's attention with fossilized shark teeth, Bismuth and actual meteorite fragments. Your students can even grow crystals of their own!

Our hands-on earth science kits will help your scholars learn about minerals, fossils, geodes and all kinds of geology concepts. Read our blog for some other great earth science ideas and find geology kits or activities for your classroom today.