Tesla Coils / Oudin Coils

The Oudin Coil, commonly referred to as a hand-held "Tesla Coil", is self-contained in a heavy duty Bakelite case which forms a convenient handle. The Plasma Globe, a small Tesla Coil, produces an alternating high voltage potential which attracts or repels free electrons, making an awesome light show! The Plasma Globe Experiment Kit includes a fluorescent tube, 10 neon lamps and an activity guide.
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  • Tesla Coil

    Tesla Coil

    Self-contained, hand-held Tesla coil produces a high voltage at a high frequency.
  • 8" Plasma Globe

    8" Plasma Globe

    A fun and safe way to demonstrate Tesla Coils!
  • Plasma Globe Experiment Kit

    Plasma Globe Experiment Kit

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    So much great science in this kit!
  • Oudin Coil - "Tesla Coil" w/Safety Switch (Replacement Tips Only)