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Flywheel Powered zeCar

SKU #KLW-200
Backordered until 9/22/2024
*Backordered: 9/22/2024
Perfect examples of the wheel and axle in action.


Created by Brazilian artist/engineer Chico, these wonderful "simple machines" are perfect examples of the wheel and axle in action. Each beautifully constructed car consists of a brightly colored stainless steel flywheel connected to one pair of wheels through a series of gears. A gentle push spins the flywheel and supplies the zeCar with the energy it needs to move and even climb gentle inclines. Have your students calculate the energy stored in the flywheel by measuring the height the zeCar is able to climb up a ramp, race them, or discuss the benefits of front wheel verses rear wheel drive. Great for all levels. Colors may vary.


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