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Wilesco D16 Steam Engine

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Features a steam whistle with chain, a steam regulator, and a centrifugal governor.

Esbit 4 g Fuel Tablets, Pack of 20

SKU #ENG-215
Backordered until 8/12/2024
*Backordered: 8/12/2024
20 tabs, each tab est. 5 minutes burn time.


The classic Wilesco D16 steam engine features a steam whistle with chain, a steam regulator, and a centrifugal governor. The flywheel with its drive pulley and connecting rods made of cast parts can drive numerous models. During operation, the chimney smokes realistically. Diameter 2.25", length 5.5", boiler capacity 15"n, with water gauge glass. Boiler house with embossed brick type walls, 2 footbridges with ladder. Double action reversible brass cylinder with flywheel, spring loaded safety valve, additional steam whistle with chain, steam regulator, flywheel of 3.25" diameter with grooved pulley, sturdy attractive die cast piston rods, centrifugal governor, steam jet oiler and railing. The condensed water is fed to a tank, hidden behind the boiler house, causing the chimney to smoke realistically. Finely painted metal base plate 9.75" x 12.25". Height, including smoke stack, 11.0", Weight: 3 lbs. 10oz.

Power Output: 9

THIS IS NOT A TOY! As it involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.

(No Fuel is Included with this engine - Don't Forget the Esbit Fuel Tablets)

Z80 Belts are NOT included in this set.


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