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Spooky Science Bundle 2 NGSS

SKU #HAL-905
Availability: Backordered

Included Products:

Classroom Slime Kit

Brain Mold - Gelatin

Growing Spheres - Growing Spheres - Jumbo

Cricket & Larva Licket Lollipops - Cricket Lollipop (single)

Cricket & Larva Licket Lollipops - Larva Lollipop (single)

Larvets Worm Snax - Larvets Worm Snax single (2.0 grams per packages)

Crick-ettes - Crick-ettes singles (1.4 grams per package)

4 inch Chemical Light Sticks - 4 inch Chemical Light Sticks - pkg of 12 Assorted

Sure to make your students get into the spirit of science... and Halloween.


A whole liter of slime, over 800 gooey "eyeball" polymer spheres, a dozen glow-in-the-dark light sticks, bugs you can eat, and even a mold to create the perfect Jell-O brain! This bundle is sure to make your students get into the spirit of Halloween... and science! Beaker and bowl not included.

Priced at just $42.45 (valued at $49.25 separately), our exclusive Spooky Science! bundle includes:

  1. Classroom Slime Kit +
  2. Brain Mold +
  3. 4 Inch Red Light Sticks
  4. 4 Inch Green Light Sticks
  5. 4 Inch Blue Light Sticks
  6. Jumbo Growing Spheres +
  7. Cricket Lollipop *
  8. Larva Lollipop *

* Colors may vary.

+ Free lessons available online.


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