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Are You Dense? Bundle NGSS

SKU #DEN-900
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Included Products:

Poly Density Kit

Mixture Separation Challenge

Density Paradox (set of two)

Steel Sphere Density Kit

Jellyfish Cartesian Diver

Super Dense Wood (135 g)

Pumice Samples - Pumice Samples - 25 Pack

Density demos are always fascinating... and fun!


Density demos are always fascinating... and fun! This exclusive collection includes seven of our favorite density products. There's wood that sinks, rocks that float, steel spheres that defy logic, and much more. The Density Paradox and Poly Density Kit will keep scientists of all ages guessing and testing hypotheses until they reach that AHA! moment. What causes certain materials to sink? Why do others float? How do temperature or mass affect an object's density? If you love discrepant events and phenomenon-based activities, you'll be delighted by this unique bundle. Beakers not included.

Priced at just $87.95 (valued at $109.65 separately), our exclusive Are You Dense? bundle includes:

  1. Poly Density Kit +
  2. Mixture Separation Challenge * +
  3. Density Paradox * +
  4. Steel Sphere Density Kit +
  5. Jellyfish Cartesian Diver *
  6. Iron Wood
  7. Pumice

* Colors may vary on these products.

+ Free lessons available online.


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