Ultraviolet Science Products and Tools

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Help Your Students Touch The Sun with Ultraviolet Science Lessons

Though ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, we ""see"" it every day in the rays of sunlight that surround us. But UV light has a ton of other amazing properties as well, leaving you with plenty of opportunities to engage your students and irradiate their love of learning. With a UV science lab or lesson, they'll experience light and color in a brand new way.

Educational Innovations has a full line of great ultraviolet science products, like Photosensitive Nature Print Paper. Want something your learners will really stick to? Try out our UV-Sensitive Putty. Think they need to polish their skills a bit? Check out our UV Nail Polish. Or, string together scientific concepts with a set of UV beads. Then, if you really want them to see how ultraviolet light makes a difference, combine them with a UV Filter Set. You'll find more ideas for ultraviolet science lessons on our blog, too. No matter what you choose to do, your students will be fully engaged and ready for more — how enlightening! Get your ultraviolet science products today.