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Photon MicroLights

  • Red Photon Microlight
    Red Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-RED
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  • Orange Photon Microlight
    Orange Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-ORG
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  • Yellow Photon Microlight
    Yellow Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-YEL
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  • Green Photon Microlight
    Green Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-GRN
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  • *Backordered: 07/15/24
  • Blue Photon Microlight
    Blue Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-BLU
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  • *Backordered: 08/10/24
  • Violet Photon Microlight
    Violet Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-VIO
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  • White Photon Microlight
    White Photon Microlight
    Item #: LED-WHT
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  • Photon Microlight 7 Piece Assortment
    Photon Microlight 7 Piece Assortment
    Item #: LED-AST
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Small, unbelievably bright micro-flashlights available in a spectrum of colors.

Button Batteries CR2032 Lithium 5/pk

Availability: In Stock
Fits our IR Thermometer, Photon Microlights, and other items.


These small, unbelievably bright micro-flashlights are available in a spectrum of colors and perfect for a variety of experiments and student applications. Although MicroLights are not lasers, and therefore not monochromatic, they come extremely close with their ultra-high intensity LEDs to a specific wavelength (except, of course, for white). Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white. Violet, with wavelength of 405 nm (see chart for other wavelengths), is close enough to the UVA spectrum to excite fluorescent minerals or even hidden fluorescent dyes on currency and credit cards. Replaceable lithium batteries included! Each light fits easily on a key chain. Demonstrate Einstein's photoelectric effect using various colors and a square of our Phosphorescent Vinyl (see item SM-7). Don't miss our Assortment Pack- a full set of seven at a huge savings!

Color Color Spec. Beam Angle Battery (Included) Item Number
Red 630 nm. 24o (wide) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 LED-RED
Orange 605 nm. 15o (narrow) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 LED-0RG
Yellow 592 nm. 15o (narrow) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 LED-YEL
Green 525 nm. 30o (wide) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 LED-GRN
Blue 470 nm. 30o (wide) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 LED-BLU
Violet (black-light) 405 nm. ~30o (wide) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 LED-VIO
White full spectrum (6500o Kelvin) 20o (narrow) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 LED-WHT

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6 reviews
The Photon II Lights Have Been The Best For Years!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 14, 2022
I can never negate these lights! Once I proved to a site security manager of a major international company that just using ONE red Photon II cupped in my palm I could not only navigate the completely darkened wood line inner perimeter, around the buildings, roving and vehicle security, without using any other light or NVG-I also did it w/o being detected for the 5 or so miles! The red light kept me especially from the swampish area's huge poisonous snakes and a multitude of unfriendly nature-not to mention some upset officers. My only complaint, frankly, to your company with all respect, is the prices of these lights. I have thus far been rather impressed with your site, but you really need to make effort to help, most especially, the educators who we know really deserve a real break on all that they bring to the table. I'm just a disabled vet who putters around and tries to keep trying to better my multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries-but could you please really review the price of the Photon IIs, and also the other available colors they offer including Infrared. Thank you for your consideration! Yours, Mike
Michael J P

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 18, 2019
I have found numerous uses for the microlights although at first I did not truly see them as being useful. I was disappointed because when I held any of the colored lights against the phosphorescent vinyl sheets, I found they all caused the vinyl sheets to glow. But, when I received the prism glasses, I was able to see that each colored light was not pure, other colors in the spectrum were visible and I then understood why the vinyl sheets glowed. If one holds the light a few inches away from the vinyl sheets, only the blue, violet, and white cause the vinyl to glow, as it should. Yay! I now have the guests look first at the red light through the prism glasses. If they look closely they see that other colors are visible. Then I shine a red laser against the wall or ceiling and have them look at the light. They only see red. Same occurs with green or violet. It's a great lesson about the difference of a LED lamp (multiple wave lengths of light versus a laser, a single wave length. A second use I have for the microlights is to have the audience first look at the white light without the prism glasses and then with. With they see the rainbow of colors that make up white light. I then show how the white light causes the vinyl phosphorescent sheet to glow. I then ask, "Does any color cause the sheet to glow, or only certain colors, or only white light (all the colors) will cause it to glow. I then send them to a darkened room where I've laid out several vinyl sheets and a set of all the colored microlights tied to a string, not in spectrum order, (so they won't get lost) to determine the answer to my questions. I inform the guests to hold the lights a few inches away when doing this. Of course they find out when touching the sheets, the white, violet, and blue cause the paper to glow brightly, so they begin to experiment - drawing figures, writing names, playing tic-tact-toe, and other things that come to their minds, which is okay too. They are experimenting answering their own questions while having fun doing so. I don't let them leave until they can answer the original question!
Kenneth Lyle

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Nice little spotlight
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Dec 10, 2015
This UV light had a very targeted display and worked very well on phosphorescent vinyl to demonstrate the energy of this violet wavelength of light. I used it next to a red laser to show that the red wavelength was not energetic - made a good demo.
Susan E. Buescher

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Amazing Light
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 20, 2014
The white photon lights are absolutely amazing, so bright, so convenient, and so small. You can always have it with you. Great stocking stuffer at Christmas, great anytime gift! Batteries last a long time, too!
Jane Fennelly

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Photon Microlights
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 13, 2013
This produuct wasn't what I expect it to be so I have returned it.
A Bakarr Kanu

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Photon Microlights
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 25, 2012
Photon Microlights are awesome! I saw them used to teach about Atomic Structure at an ACS workshop. We also ordered the Phosphorescent VinylSheet (SM-7) and have a cool interactive Demo ready to use with our students!
M. Bartholomew

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