Don't let your density unit sink because your science experiments don't make your students scream "Eureka!" With a little help from Archimedes and his "bathing pool" experiment, Educational Innovations can supply you with the tools for safe and exciting density demonstrations and experiments. Educational Innovations has everything from rocks that float to wood that sinks. With our materials, you can challenge your students to determine the density of all kinds of different objects. Our team of teachers and product specialists is always hard at work creating and developing science materials and science activities that will keep your density lessons afloat! Teach Cartesian Divers with a little help from the master, Bob Becker, or bring in a blast from the past with the timeless Diving Submarine, a must-have for your density unit! Use our density cubes, spheres, or sample sets to prove that even the most solid assumptions should be put to the test!

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