Ferrofluid Preform Display Cell

Ferrofluid Preform Display Cell

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This Ferrofluid Display Cell is a fantastic way to demonstrate Ferrofluid with students of any age. A ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. The strong 5.5" plastic display cell is completely sealed and resistant to breakage. Use the cell with any strong magnet to demonstrate the incredible properties of this amazing liquid. Demonstrate lines of force or show how charged particles stream into a star. Educational Innovations created these cells cooperatively with Ferrofluidics Corporation and is your sole source for them.

Note: The Ferrofluid in the display cells is not the same as the bulk Ferrofluid. Bulk Ferrofluid cannot be used to make a display cell.

The Ferrofluid Preform Display Cell is not available for International Shipping or shipping by Air. It will be removed from any International orders. Shipments by Next Day Air or 2-Day Air will be reassigned to UPS Ground.

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