DNA Experiments and Genetics Lab Activities

DNA experiments are the building blocks of a child's understanding into life sciences and biology. When students can get hands-on with genetics lab activities, visualizing something that we cannot view with the naked eye becomes possible. The Dynamic DNA sets enable students to construct molecular representations of DNA and RNA. At Educational Innovations, we are here to provide you with tools that will keep your students engaged and wanting to learn more.
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  • Flinn DNA Molecular Model Sets

    Flinn DNA Molecular Model Sets

    Helps your students visualize the structure of the double helix!
  • DNA Model Kit

    DNA Model Kit

    Develop hands-on familiarity with the structure and function of the DNA molecule.
  • DNA Model

    DNA Model

    This three foot long strand of DNA demonstrates the twisted ladder-like arrangement of DNA.
  • Dynamic DNA

    Dynamic DNA

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    Twist! Untwist! Replicate! Transcribe! Do it all with the Dynamic DNA Kit!