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The Think Tube

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An utterly unique introduction to science inquiry.


The Think Tube is a closed system with four strings protruding outward from the cylinder. When one string is pulled and gets longer, another string gets shorter. The question is, Which string gets shorter? It may be one the students would expect to change... or it may not. An utterly unique introduction to science inquiry and the perfect tool to start a discussion on how to use the scientific method. As a hands-on, minds-on demonstration, The Think Tube truly captures students' attention and asks them to think critically and scientifically about something they cannot see.

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missing a piece
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Dec 13, 2021
Ordered 4 tubes to share. Each kit came with only one piece of string. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to cut it - each half would be very short. I can add a piece of string, but I'm a little disappointed that something so simple was not complete. Otherwise, I like the idea and set up on this "trick."
Beth Gonzalez
Owner Response: Our most sincere apologies! We just checked the products on the shelf and while most did have the two strings it should have, there were two on the shelf with only one. A customer service representative will contact you to make this right.

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