Physics Classroom Supplies

Educational Innovations sells the very best in unique, hard-to-find, amazing physics products! What better subject area is there than physics to motivate your students to appreciate the wonders of our universe? Let Educational Innovations supply you with everything you could possibly need to turn your students on to the incredible Laws of Physics. From Catapults to spinning tops, and everything in between, Educational Innovations has what you need to make your physics classroom a place your students can't wait to explore! Remember, "Don't teach so your students will remember, teach so they can't possibly forget!" Lee Walker, Life Long Teacher (and dear friend), Mississippi.
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  • Dancing Helix

    Dancing Helix

    The Dancing Helix isn't just beautiful, it's loaded with science!
  • Hydraulic Arm Kit

    Hydraulic Arm Kit

    Build your very own robotic arm and learn about simple hydraulic principles.
  • PowerUp 2.0

    PowerUp 2.0

    A paper plane electric engine designed for over 30 seconds of flying time!
  • PowerUp 3.0

    PowerUp 3.0

    A motorized paper airplane controlled by your smartphone? Wow!
  • Foucault's Pendulum

    Foucault's Pendulum

    A Lissajous Sand Pendulum
  • Plastic Wave Spring

    Plastic Wave Spring

    This highly visible, lightweight plastic spring is easy for students to manipulate.
  • Watch It Go! Energy Conversion Bundle

    Watch It Go! Energy Conversion Bundle

    Converting potential energy to kinetic energy is always amazing--and fun!
  • Hot & Cold: Science You Can Touch Bundle

    Hot & Cold: Science You Can Touch Bundle

    This exclusive bundle contains seven awesome--and baffling--examples of thermodynamics in action.
  • Wow! How? Science! Bundle

    Wow! How? Science! Bundle

    This exclusive collection features nine of our best-selling phenomenon-based products.
  • Construct-A-Clock


    This kids construction set is an ingenious way to encourage your child's cognitive development as they learn how...
  • Balancing Bird Puzzle

    Balancing Bird Puzzle

    A wonderful do-it-yourself physics puzzle for students of all ages.
  • Thermoelectric Energy Demonstration Kit

    Thermoelectric Energy Demonstration Kit

    Here's something you just don't see every day: with just the warmth of your hand and the cold from a piece of ice,...
  • OneCar


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    Your students will be in the engineering fast lane as they learn about simple machines, Newton's laws, electrical...
  • ScooterArt


    Our ScooterArt Kit lets students build their own robotic 'Jackson Pollock' to explore many principles of engineering...
  • Double Hand Spinners

    Double Hand Spinners

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    Do fidget spinners really teach anything? You bet they do! Our Double Hand Spinners offer more teachable physics - at...
  • Hand Spinner

    Hand Spinner

    This is a wonderful way to teach about energy, friction, rotational inertia, gyroscopic stability, and precession!
  • PhysicsQuest 2015: Spectra's Current Crisis

    PhysicsQuest 2015: Spectra's Current Crisis

    Our 2015 PhysicsQuest Kit is a thrilling exploration of color, conduction, electrical resistance, magnetism, and...
  • ZigZag Density Tumbler

    ZigZag Density Tumbler

    A hypnotizing display of surface tension, density, and insolubility.
  • Star Coaster Level 5

    Star Coaster Level 5

    This advanced level roller coaster building kit is enormous--and thrilling! Features multiple paths for steel balls...
  • Star Coaster Level 2

    Star Coaster Level 2

    With so many design variables to explore, your students will have a new learning adventure each time they build this...
  • Super Size Wave Spring

    Super Size Wave Spring

    This super size version of the ever popular spring toy is a perfect way to demonstrate wave theory in a way your...
  • Flow Ring

    Flow Ring

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    Constructed from a single strand of thin, flexible metal, the Cosmic Coil is both a kinetic sculpture and a...
  • Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

    Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

    A DIY science construction kit that yields a kid-powered hydraulic robot arm.
  • The PhiTOP

    The PhiTOP

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    Makes a perfect gift, desktop display piece, or student stumper.
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