Lesson Ideas

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Item Name
Air Zooka!
Harbottle Differential
Atmospheric Mat
Air Swimmers
Balloon Helicopter
Hovercraft Class Kit
Self-Inflating Balloons
Sea Turtle Key Kit
Zack's Alligator Book
Milk Bottle Demo
Gas Solubility Demo
No-Pop Bubbles
UV No-Pop Bubbles
Film Canisters
Wood Catapult
Mini Trebuchet Kit
Ballast Nuts
Alginate Worm Kit
Balancing Bird Demo
Drinking Bird
Density Cubes
Density Paradox
Steel Sphere Density
Poly Density Kit
Eddy Current Tubes
Ferrofluid Bolt Kit
Chromatography Paper
Fire Syringe
3in. T-Rex Mold
4in. T-Rex Mold
Oviraptor Claw Mold
Shark Tooth Mold
Deinonychus Claw Mold
Tooth & Claw Molds
Fossil Sorting Kit
Gro-Beast Dinosaurs
Water Gel Spikes
Instant Snow
Water Gel Crystals
Diaper Polymer
Growing Spheres
Growing Cubes
Glo Germ
The PowerWheel
Light Up Gyro Wheel
Hand Boilers
Bi-Metallic Jumping Disk
Thermoplastic Polymer
Hoberman Switch Pitch Ball
Heat Pipe Demo
Singing Pipe
Piezo Popper
Nitinol Memory Wire
Smashing Steel Spheres
Nitinol Memory Wire Samples
HomoMotor Kit
Magnetic Accelerator
Polymer Bead Demo
Mixture Separation Challenge
Water Molecule Kit
Mole Element Set
Brain Mold
Magic Sand (All)
Newton's Apple
Transparent Alternator Kit
Light Bulb Experiment Kit
Energy Tube
Mysterious Glowing Ball
Polarizing Filters
Plexi Stress Tester
Polarizing Cellophane Tape
Mica Demo
Prism Glasses
Double Axis Grating
Single Axis Grating
Centripetal Spinner
Double Hand Spinner
The SpillNot
Plasma Globe Exp. Kit
Dropper Poppers
Rheoscopic Fluid
Rocket Balloons
Mighty Seltzer Rockets
Reaction Rocket
Bismuth Crystal
Mineral Sorting Kit
Pull-Back Cars
Putt Putt Steam Boat
Lil' Suctioner
Pressure Pullers
Slime Kit
Classroom Slime Kit
Solar Tube
Liquid Bluing
Serpent Skin Tubing
Fabric Identification Kit
PVA Bags
Goldenrod Paper
Singing Rods
Pocket Sound Blaster
Hand-Held Spectroscope
Nature Print Paper
Wave-Modeling Spring
Chinese Spouting Bowl
Vortex Bottle Connectors
World's Simplest Motor
Seismic Accelerator
Decision Balls
Energy Ball
Fortune Fish
Liquid Light Demo
Sound Tubes
Static Tube Kit
Inverting Pop Tops
Euler's Disk
UV Beads
UV Beads
Microscale Vacuum
Fun Fly Stick
Wacky Hall Walker
Wooden Car Kit
Center of Gravity Kit
Floating Yen Coins