Founded by Ron Perkins, who taught high school chemistry for 33 years, we know our chemistry. The Classroom Slime Kit contains enough to make slime for the whole classroom. Molymod Molecular Model Sets demonstrate chemical compounds in three dimensions. Learn about how fireflies glow, chemiluminescence and the real quantum leap with the Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit. Grow a beautiful Crystal Tree in a few hours. The Large Gro-Beast Alligators start at about 3 inches long and grow to over a foot long when placed in water! When placed in water, Water Gel Crystals - or "Ghost Crystals" - absorb many hundreds of times their own weight and become virtually invisible.
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Hands-On Chemistry Science Experiments and Activities

With products from Educational Innovations, your science students will "bond" with their chemistry lessons! We offer everything to teach the wonders of chemistry first-hand, from easy-to-use chemistry kits to advanced Molymod models for Organic and Inorganic chemistry. Whether you want full chemistry science experiments, fun chemistry-themed games or something in between, we have plenty to choose from.

Trying to start a chain reaction of learning? Use hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers, amazing growing beasts, self-siphoning slime, or ColorFlame candles! Want to stun and amaze your chemistry classroom? Check out our assortment of Liquid Crystal Sheets or Thermochromic (heat sensitive) Paper, or find some interesting uses for our light activated glow-in-the-dark pigment powder. We carry everything from the most useful Graduated Transfer Pipets to Periodic Table Playing Cards, as well as the exclusive Chem Time Clock designed by professor Bassam Shakhashiri of the University of Wisconsin. Find everything you need for chemistry science experiments at Educational Innovations!