DazzLinks Building Kits


DazzLinks is an open-ended building kit designed to inspire creative mechanical projects. Try connecting in different ways. Make our projects or create your own. Explore!

Take your Dazzlink construction designs to a new level with our versatile BEAMS CONTRAPTIONS kits, which are fully compatible with other Dazzlink cardboard kits. Students will be able to build simple machines, moving structures, chain reaction sequences, or any type of spinning, rolling, tipping contraption they can imagine! All kits include reusable cardboard long beams, short beams, wood dowels, paper straws, paper sticks, pipe cleaners, ping pong balls, marbles, wheels, clothespins, rubber bands,fasteners, and a comprehensive step-by-step guide with examples of engineering principles, challenges, and creations. You can add your own supplies as well. Perfect for maker spaces, STEM classes, and engineering projects.

dazzlinks shapes vs beams
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  • Dazzlinks Beams Classroom Kit

    Dazzlinks Beams Classroom Kit

    The Beams Classroom Kit is suitable for 20+ people.
    *Backordered: 8/3/2024
  • Dazzlinks Plastic Classroom Pack

    Dazzlinks Plastic Classroom Pack

    Want to construct the sturdiest DazzLinks creations ever? Try the Plastic Classroom Set. You'll get 230 plastic...
    *Backordered: 8/3/2024
  • Dazzlinks Cardboard Classroom Pack

    Dazzlinks Cardboard Classroom Pack

    230 cardboard pieces, 400 brads/fasteners and instructions.