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Do you need materials that closely support these standards? We've outlined the specific ways our products connect to the relevant NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas and Performance Expectations for elementary, middle and high school!

In fact, more than 350 of our products have NGSS details online and we're adding more all the time!

How to Search

You can search for the NGSS correlations you want to teach! It's easy - just type in the specific standard in our search bar at the top right of your screen, select NGSS, and click the search icon or hit the return key. You will see a selection of products that can be used to teach that specific standard.
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Look for the NGSS Icon

If you're required to provide evidence that your science materials will be used to support the standards, our NGSS icon on the top of the product page is the place to start. Just click on the icon, and you'll see the standards for that product. Here's an example:
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