Environmental Science Experiments

With fossil fuel sources becoming scarce and increasing concern over pollution, it's becoming more important than ever to explore alternative sources of energy. The OneCar Kit is a comprehensive, open-ended STEM system that allows students to explore energy and motion in as many ways as they can imagine - without soldering! Add hot water to the Climate Change Mug and observe Florida and California disappear, as Central America becomes just a chain of islands!
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Go Green with Environmental Science Experiments

With air pollution and climate change drastically affecting our planet, it is essential to educate future leaders about the importance of our environment through hands-on environmental science experiments. At Educational Innovations, we offer a wide selection of materials and resources that address all aspects of the environment, from weather to waste cleanup. You'll find all kinds of green energy and environmental science projects to spark discussions in your classroom.

Whether it's a Weather Station Science Kit you want for your students, or an Oil Spill Cleanup Kit for an interactive and multi-disciplinary lesson about environmental hazards, you'll find it at Educational Innovations. And while your bright young scholars will certainly have fun, they'll also learn just how vital it is to understand and protect the environment. Take a look at our blog for more ideas and use environmental science experiments to make your students green with excitement!