Ted's Vault of Science

Here are the videos from EI's weekly web series where Ted breaks down the science behind some of our favorite products!

Intro to Ted's Vault
Intro to Ted's Vault
Ice Melting Blocks with Bill Nye
Amazing Ice Melting Blocks

Pressure Pullers Demonstration Video
Pressure Pullers
Red hand on Goldenrod Paper
Goldenrod Paper

Separated Beads in Poly Density Bottle
Poly Density Kit
Drinking Bird Head Close-Up
Drinking Bird

Ted Blowing Snow Polymer at Camera
Instant Snow Polymer
Seltzer Rocket Taking Off
Mighty Seltzer Rocket

Handful of Dropper Poppers
Dropper Popper
Glowing Magic Sand
Magic Sand

Ted's Surprised Face
Multiple Colors of Wind Gyro
Wind Gyro

Glowing Water in Spouting Bowl
Chinese Spouting Bowl
Tornado in a bottle with small plastic cow
Tornado Tubes

Smashing Steel Spheres
Smashing Steel Spheres
Creepy bowl of glowing spheres
Halloween Science

Piezo Popper in Action
Piezo Popper Kit
SpillNot Physics