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Wacky Hall Walker

  • Wacky Hall Walker - Single Kit
    Item #: WHW-100
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  • *Backordered: 07/18/24
  • Wacky Hall Walker Class Set of Six Kits
    Item #: WHW-115
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  • *Backordered: 07/18/24
  • Replacement Bands for Wacky Hall Walker (6/pk)
    Item #: WHW-120
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Investigate potential energy in the rubber band vs. the distance traveled.


With this not-so-simple machine, your students investigate the amount of potential energy given the rubber band vs. the distance traveled by the Wacky Hall Walker. After collecting data and graphing the results, students can be challenged to make their Wacky Hall Walker travel a certain distance. Includes a full set of lesson plans. Some assembly required.
Great for After School Programs!

Choking Hazard
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Wacky Hall Walkers
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 24, 2014
These are really great. The kids get the idea of elastic potential energy. The only problem is the wires to pull the rubber band through the hole and the bead is very flimsy. Use electrical wire instead. To pull the band through the bead, use a loop of dental floss to feed it through and then pull it through.
Bobbie Busch

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