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Magnetic Water Molecule Kit

  • Magnetic Water Molecule Kit (single)
    Magnetic Water Molecule Kit (single)
    Item #: MOD-200
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  • *Backordered: 06/01/22
  • Magnetic Water Molecule Kit 6-Pack
    Magnetic Water Molecule Kit 6-Pack
    Item #: MOD-205
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There's no better way to teach water concepts!


There's no better way to teach water concepts than with our hands-on Magnetic Water Molecule Kit. Embedded magnets accurately reflect positive and negative charges, allowing your students to feel the various strengths of hydrogen, covalent, and ionic bonds. Using these magnetic water molecules, your students can discover hydrogen bonding, make ice, dissolve salt, evaporate water, explore transpiration, create ethanol, and much more. Use our kit to show the differences between molecular adhesion, cohesion, and capillary action and to demonstrate surface tension, evaporation, condensation, and solubility. Each single kit includes enough pieces for 12 water molecules, plus one each for sodium chloride, ethane, and hydroxyl groups. Our six-pack kit is perfect for classroom use. All kits come with detailed assembly instructions. Extensive lessons available online.

Magnetic Water Molecules
Single Kit 6-Pack Kit
Plastic Cup 1 6
Water Molecules  12 72
Sodium 1 6
Chloride 1 6
Ethane Molecule 1 6
Hydroxyl Group 1 6
6-Cup Tray 0 1

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Lesson Ideas

Many lessons and activities are possible with our Magnetic Water Molecule Kit. Whether you want to teach polarity, hydrogen bonding, capillary action, osmosis, pH, solubility or states of water - including snowflakes - we have lessons designed to help you make the most of your purchase. Click here for more details.
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Great Investment
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Sep 16, 2020
I bought one of these kits back when they first came out and saw immediately what a great investment it was: very engaging for my biology students who could now see and feel what covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds were doing. The polarity of the water molecule becomes actionable. The expansion of water as ice is easily demonstrated and not easily forgotten. I've subsequently purchased two more sets after moving to a different school and wanting a personal set at home for grandkids to handle. They're more expensive now, of course, but still one of the best teaching investments I ever made with my own money.
Tom Lee

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 9, 2016
This is so cool!
Heleine David

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