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Generating Electricity with Wind--Flinn STEM Design Challenge™

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Harness the wind's energy and transform it into electricity!


Harness the wind's energy and transform it into electricity! Wind farms represent a rapidly expanding industry, supplying power to over 11 million homes and fostering tens of thousands of jobs in recent years. In this activity, students explore how the blade design of a wind turbine influences its power generation capabilities. Initially, students learn to construct a rotor and blade assembly using provided materials. Each group's prototype undergoes testing by attaching it to a DC motor (functioning in reverse as a generator) linked to a multimeter, with wind provided by a fan. The highest readings of volts and amps are recorded, and the maximum power output is computed. Following observations and data analysis from preliminary tests, students brainstorm and implement adjustments to optimize their design. The refined turbines undergo a final evaluation for electrical output. As students delve into wind power, they link physics principles to real-world challenges!

Designed for 30 students working in pairs and featuring two testing stations, multimeters, and support stands with clamps, all available separately. Box-type floor fans or turbo fans are also necessary for each testing station.

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