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Horizon Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

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A clean energy technology system on a miniature scale.


Horizon's Fuel Cell Car Science Kit enables students to discover the principles behind the real-scale fuel cell vehicles currently being rolled out across the world. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics. Generate hydrogen through water electrolysis and convert it into electricity using a PEM fuel cell. Whichever combination of technologies you want to explore, this science kit is a comprehensive introduction to the principles behind renewable microgrids.

Investigate reaction yields, reduction and oxidation, and other chemistry concepts by performing electrolysis reactions. Learn about conservation of energy, electric power, and other physics concepts by modifying your fuel cell car.

Experiments and Activities include: Assembly and operation of the kit, The Effect of Heat on Solar Panels, The Effect of Shade on Solar Panels, The Effect of Tilt Angle on Solar Panels, Finding the Solar Panel's Maximum Power Point (*requires variable resistor module-sold separately), Electrolysis Mode Generating Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water, Fuel Cell Mode Generating Electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen, Determining the Minimum Voltage for Water Decomposition, and Polarization States for Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

Contents: Chassis with LED light & motor, Reversible (PEM) fuel cell, Hydrogen tank, Oxygen tank, Inner Gas containers, 0.75 Watt solar cell, 2 x 2mm Connecting leads, Battery pack with connecting leads (requires 2 X AA batteries), Plastic plug pins for fuel cell, and Transparent silicon tubing.

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