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Surprising Science for Kids: Living Things

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Dig into the world of living things - plants, animals, and more!


FREE Interactive Digital Lessons! Developed by STEM curriculum experts! Kid-friendly, interactive mini-lessons! Scaffolded learning for grades K-5!

Our exclusive kit for grades 5-8 provides everything you need to dig into the world of living things - plants, animals, and even microscopic organisms. Seven hands-on activities offer students a unique way to learn about biotic and abiotic factors, photosynthesis, ecosystems, the differences between animal and plant cells (and their organelles), natural selection, dichotomous keys, and more! Ideal for independent, self-paced learning. An Educational Innovations exclusive. Perfect as a gift or as an at-home lesson. Comes with a 23-page activity book with detailed instructions.

Includes: 1 Liter plastic bottle, Packet of active yeast, 12 packets of sugar, Balloon, 6 lima beans, Plastic bag, Bag of soil, Cup, 1 piece of cardboard, Shrinkles plastic, Plant and animal cell templates, 2 plastic loops for cells, 2 toothpicks, 4 craft sticks, 1 pipe cleaner, Rubber bands, 2 plastic spoons, 3 marbles, Small tan seeds, Paper clips, Cotton balls, 8 anatomically accurate sea turtle models, Grey construction paper, Black construction paper, 30 grey seeds, and 30 black seeds.

See a sample of the lesson here!

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