Electricity and Magnetism Projects & Experiments

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Electrifying Experiments in Electricity and Magnetism

If you need some lessons that will make the connection between electricity and magnetism, you've come to the right place. At Educational Innovations, we've got all kinds of great ideas for electricity and magnetism experiments! Whether you're reading some of the resources we offer or browsing our products, you're sure to find materials that will electrify your students.

With a Hand-Powered Flashlight, your students can see how kinetic energy from their hands is converted into light energy. The World's Simplest Motor is easy to assemble and runs for more than five hours on a single D-Cell battery. Eddy Current Tubes can help you demonstrate Lenz's Law in dramatic fashion. While they're all fun ways to start the conversation about electricity and magnetism, these resources are completely educational! Find the electricity and magnetism materials you need now at Educational Innovations.