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fischertechnik STEM Electronics

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Discover the exciting world of electronics with our STEM Electronics set!


Discover the exciting world of electronics with our STEM Electronics set! A total of ten models and 20 experiments teach about the world of electronics in a fun and educational way. Step by step, this building set teaches the basic principles of electronics and deals with a variety of different electronics topics. This building set can be used to construct several exciting models, from simple components to complex ones like alternating flashing lights. Information on the topic, along with fully designed tasks and solutions, are available in our e-Learning area.

fischertechnik Education products include comprehensive, freely accessible teaching materials. These have been developed together with teacher training colleges, teachers and didacticians and are ideally suited to the needs of the classroom. In addition to the topic introduction, lesson plans with task sheets and educational plan references are available.

The topic introduction provides content that can be optimally used for lesson preparation and integrated into the lessons. Definitions, history, basic knowledge and much more are provided. The teaching material includes an overview of the learning objectives as well as the time required for the tasks. In line with the curriculum-relevant topics, various tasks are included within which different experiments are dealt with. The tasks are divided into a construction task, thematic task and experimentation task. In this way, one progresses from building, to learning technical content, to applying the acquired knowledge.

  • Instructive and playful teaching of electronics
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Ready-made tasks are available for download

  • 2x push-button
  • 1x XS motor
  • 2x diode
  • 2x transistor
  • 3x resistor
  • 2x capacitors
  • 1x 9V block battery holder
  • 1x multimeter

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