Electricity & Magnetism

The electricity and magnetism products we carry at Educational Innovations will "power" you up like no other, while our lesson suggestions will get you "charged" and your students "ec-static" about science! Get your students "energized" by investigating with snap circuits, magnetic field viewers, eddy current tubes, and a flashlight that never needs batteries! Fill your science classroom with motors that students can build themselves, incredibly powerful neodymium magnets, and Ferrofluid, the mysterious magnetic fluid! Have the entire class "connect" in a giant circuit with one Energy Ball! Motivate your students to rank right up there with Faraday, Franklin, and even Edison!

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Light Bulb Holder with Fahnestock Clips
Alligator Clips (Black and Red)
Out of Stock
Exergia Electricity from Hot Water - Learning Kit
Eddy Current Rods
D Cell Battery Holders
$1.50 - $4.95
Rail Twirler
Electric Paint Pen (10 ml)
$12.95 - $19.95
Levitron Ultimate
Hand-Powered Flashlight
Unimag Curved Pieces
Plasma Globe Experiment Kit
$11.95 - $21.95
Oudin Coil - 'Tesla Coil' Visualizer
$11.95 - $34.95
Oudin Coil - 'Tesla Coil' w/Safety Switch
$29.95 - $219.95
Neodymium Magnets
$3.50 - $16.95
Neodymium Micro Magnets
$11.95 - $17.95
Mini-Neodymium Magnet Assortment
Small Neodymium Beads 50/pk
Magnetic Holding Pegs (pkg of 16)
Mega-Magnet Book by Brian Rohrig
$13.95 - $24.95
Magnetic Connections Kit