Amazing Engines

The MOVA Rotating Globe continuously rotates without the need of an energy source other than the ambient light of your home or office. Using a small flame from a candle or a few drops of cooking oil, the 4 inch long Putt Putt Steam Boat will chug along for hours. The Flywheel Powered zeCar is a perfect example of the wheel and axle in action. The PowerWheel is a micro hydro generator - an amazing tool for teaching lessons about energy, hydropower and other renewable sources of energy.

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Stirling Engine with Alcohol Burner
Exergia Memory Metal Engine - Learning Kit
Exergia Threewheeler with Thermoelectric Drive - Learning Kit
Exergia Electricity from Hot Water - Learning Kit
Exergia Candle Stirling Engine - Learning Kit
Wilesco Steam Engine with Add-On Generator/Light Kit
Wilesco D 18 Steam Engine with Integral Generator & Light
Wilesco Mini Steam Engine
The PowerWheel
$3.95 - $179.95
Power House
Flywheel Powered zeCar
Putt Putt Steam Boat
$3.50 - $8.50
World's Simplest Motor
MOVA Rotating Globes
Fuel Cell Car Kit X7