Earth Science/Geology

Making your Earth Science lessons "rock" is no easy task! If you call in the EI team, we come prepared to supplement your "core" curriculum with awesome classroom-tested earth science and geology materials, hands-on experiments, and fantastic lesson plans. Wow your students with real fulgurite: sand that has been fused after a lightning strike! Impress them with magnetic rocks, fossilized shark teeth, giant floating rocks, and even real meteorites. Grow your own crystals and then eat them! Let your geology students take a crack at some of our hollow geodes: average-looking rocks that conceal spectacular crystals. Look through our calcite crystals. They'll have you seeing double!

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Climate Change Mug
$12.95 - $64.95
Pet Tornado
Weatherglass Barometer
Mineral Sorting Kit
Out of Stock
Geodes Slices
Small Geode Pairs
Fluorescent Mineral Set
Graphite from the Franklin Pierce Mine
Out of Stock
Geodes for Splitting (package of 6)
Fulgurite - Lightning Fused Sand
Hardness / Streak Test Kit
Fluorescent Marbles (package of 5)
Out of Stock
Rocks, Fossils, Minerals & Gems
$8.95 - $21.95
Fossil Sorting Kit
Amber with Insect in Magnifying Box
PerfectCast Casting Medium
Tooth & Claw Molds
$10.95 - $49.95
Fossilworks Fossil Molding Kit
Large Fossil Collection
Calcite Cleavage Kit
$19.95 - $34.75