Your science students will "bond" with chemistry! – At Educational Innovations, we offer everything to teach the wonders of chemistry first-hand, from easy-to-use chemistry kits to advanced Moly-Mod models for Organic and Inorganic chemistry. Start a chain reaction of learning using hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers, amazing growing beasts, self-siphoning slime, or ColorFlame candles! Chemistry students will be amazed by our assortment of Liquid Crystal Sheets or Thermochromic (heat sensitive) Paper. Find new and interesting uses for our light activated glow-in the-dark pigment powder.

Educational Innovations carries everything from the most useful Graduated Transfer Pipets to Periodic Table Playing Cards and the Chem Time Clock designed exclusively for EI by professor Bassam Shakhashiri of the University of Wisconsin. Educational Innovations has a huge selection of chemistry lesson plans and science fair projects in chemistry, all essential "elements" of your classroom or home school curriculum. If you don't see what you are looking for call or email our team today!

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Climate Change Mug
$12.95 - $64.95
Mixing Trays
The Ultimate Paper Sample Pack
Heat-Sensitive Periodic Table Cups
Growing Frogs (Pack of 30)
Disk and Ring Kit
2015 Elements Wall Calendar
$13.95  Special:$6.98
Out of Stock
Glow-Bright Concentrate
Dissolving Paper
$7.95 - $42.50
pH Indicator Set
Kinetic Sand - 1 Kg
Goldenrod Color-Changing Paper - 100 sheets
Periodic Quest Card Game
Environmental Testing Kit
$8.95 - $17.95
Melting Snowman
Forever Periodic Table
$21.95 - $98.95
Glowing Bracelets
Pigments in Fall Leaves
$6.95 - $39.95