Life Science

We know Life Science, no bones about it! We have x-ray sets of normal and broken bones and gelatin molds of the human brain and heart. Serpent Skin is a hassle-free alternative to dialysis tubing. Our real Ostrich Eggs are as beautiful as they are fascinating. If you're a fan of Darwin, father of evolution theory, we have him in bobblehead and plush form!

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Bacteria Growing Kits
$11.95 - $17.95
Lung/Diaphragm Demo
Tangle Proteins Building Set
Human Skeleton Shower Curtain
True-to-Life Human X-Rays
Broken Bones X-Rays
Bone Playing Cards
Serpent Skin Tubing
Demo Tank
Brain Mold - Gelatin
Simulated 'Blood' ABO Typing Class Kit
Shrinky Dink Cells
Charles Darwin Plush