Electricity & Magnetism

Make the connection between electricity and magnetism. The easily assembled World's Simplest Motor is able to run for more than 5 hours on a simple D-Cell battery. Defy gravity with the Levitron Ultimate! The Levitron Perpetuator will keep the Levitron top floating for hours, days or even weeks! Just one minute of shaking the Magnetic Force Flashlight is enough to produce 1-2 hours of light! Change kinetic energy from your hand into light energy with the Hand-Powered Flashlight. The Hand-Held Electromagnet is far safer and more educational than the standard opaque high-powered electromagnet.

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Hand-Powered Flashlight
Levitron Ultimate
Levitron® Revolution Platform
Anti-Gravity Globe
Micro Diamagnetic Levitation Kit
Magnetic Force Flashlight
HomoMotor Kit
$6.95 - $49.95
World's Simplest Motor
Revolution Top
Hand-Cranked Generator