We can't control the weather, but we can predict it, to some degree. The Eco-Celli and Water Barometers show changes in atmospheric pressure. Learn to make a homemade rain gage, a snowstorm in a tube, a humidity indicator and much more in What's Up? Hunt for Super Twister focuses on the efforts of a team of scientists to use high resolution Doppler radar data to forecast severe thunderstorms in real time. The Weather Gone Wild DVD Field Trip includes three of NOVA's videos on the most exhilarating of weather phenomena: tornadoes, lighting, and hurricanes.

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Weather Science
Climate Change Mug
$12.95 - $64.95
Pet Tornado
Weatherglass Barometer
Tall Galileo Thermometer
Eco-celli Barometer
$25.00 - $269.95
Global Warming Mug
$12.95 - $64.95
What's Up? - by Bryce Hixson
Lightning! - NOVA Video (DVD)
Weather Gone Wild DVD Field Trip
Out of Stock
Hunt for Super Twister - Nova Video (DVD)