General Chemistry

Unlike anything you have seen before, the ColorFlame Birthday Candles burn in COLORS... the actual flame burns in brilliant hues of red, green, blue, orange & purple! The Chemical Clock keeps accurate time using energy from a battery that you make. Place Heat Sensitive Transon in a dishpan of hot water and watch it expand. Do the holes in the center get larger or smaller? Click a metal disk and watch the Chemical Heat Pack crystallize.

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Mixing Trays
The Ultimate Paper Sample Pack
Disk and Ring Kit
$8.95 - $17.95
$21.95 - $98.95
Demo Tank
Heat-Sensitive Transon - A New Polymer
Out of Stock
Fire Syringe Demo
$4.95 - $17.95
Mole Element Sample Set
ColorFlame Candles
Chemical Heat Pack
$6.95 - $74.95
Chemical Clock 'The Water Clock'
$5.95 - $23.95
Oil Spill Kit
$23.95 - $49.95
Shrinking Plastic Sheets
Shrinky Dink Cells
Organic Fold-A-Matic (30/pk)
Heat Pipe Demo