When many people think of UV lights or black lights, they think of posters in college dorm rooms, or spooky Halloween displays. Ultraviolet light, however, is an important subject of scientific study. Occupying the segment of the electromagnetic wavelength spectrum between 10 nm and 400 nm, Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye. UV lights are often referred to as "black" lights because of this. We have many fun and instructional examples of the power of ultraviolet light. From nail polish and Spy Pens to our always popular Ultraviolet Detecting Beads and Fluorescent Minerals, these fantastic products can also be integrated into activities with our selection of UV lights.

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Glow-Bright Concentrate
UV Color Changing Nail Polish
$6.95 - $17.95
18 inch Fluorescent Ultraviolet 'Black' Light
$13.95 - $59.95
UV Outside Detector
$3.50 - $249.95
UV Bead Bracelet/Necklace Making Kit
Extra Long Pipe Cleaners
$1.00 - $19.95
UV Filter Set
Ultraviolet Detecting Beads
$6.95 - $324.95
Nature Print Paper
$6.95 - $14.95
Spy Pen - Invisible Ink Pen
Fluorescent Mineral Set
Fluorescent Marbles (package of 5)
Out of Stock
UV No-Pop Bubbles
$4.50 - $39.95
Large Pro UV Flashlight
Long Wave UV Flashlight
Portable UV Light
UV Atmospheric Light Meter
UV Beads, Change to Orange
UV Beads, Change to Blue