Hand Boilers, perfect for teaching about thermal energy, are sold individually and in cases of 12 for your entire class. Place a flat sheet of Heat Sensitive Transon in a dishpan of hot water and watch it expand. Do the holes in the center get larger or smaller? Click a metal disk in the Chemical Heat Pack and watch the liquid crystallize. Thermoplastic Polymer can be heated and molded over and over again. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball is a great way to teach how adding salt to ice lowers the temperature of the resulting solution.

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Exergia Memory Metal Engine - Learning Kit
Exergia Threewheeler with Thermoelectric Drive - Learning Kit
Exergia Electricity from Hot Water - Learning Kit
Exergia Candle Stirling Engine - Learning Kit
Disk and Ring Kit
Bimetallic Jumping Disk
Thermoplastic Polymer
$4.95 - $15.95
PhysicsQuest 2011: Spectra Heats Up
Heat-Sensitive Transon - A New Polymer
Out of Stock
Hand Boiler Demonstration
Drinking Bird
$5.95 - $64.95
$5.95 - $59.95
Amazing Ice Melting Blocks
Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball
$15.95 - $43.95
Heat Pipe Demo
Putt Putt Steam Boat
$3.50 - $8.50
Chemical Heat Pack
$6.95 - $74.95
Thermodynamic Thrills - by Bryce Hixson
$14.95  Special:$11.95
Absolute Zero - NOVA Video (DVD)
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