Gyroscopes & Tops

Give these gyros and tops a spin and explore the forces of rotational momentum and gyroscopic stability. Give Euler's Disk a spin and observe the hypnotic display of light and continually changing sound. The Squiggle Ball has amazing abilities to navigate out of corners, even simple mazes! Just a gentle spin on any hard, smooth surface and the Amazing Long-Spinning Top accelerates and soon stabilizes at a constant rotation for hours. The Revolution Top is a great demonstration of magnetic levitation, improved by the addition of flashing LED's. Give Top Secret a spin and watch it move for hours without stopping.

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Rail Twirler
Levitron Ultimate
Euler's Disk
Mysterious Spinning Top
Inverting Pop Tops
$5.95 - $19.95
Revolution Top
Color-Changing Top
Squiggle Ball
Amazing Long-Spinning Top
Gyro Ring
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