Eddy Current Tubes (Super-Large)

Copper Eddy Current Set 18 cm (7 in.)

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Item #: ED-100

Aluminum Eddy Current Set 36 cm (15 in.)

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Item #: ED-125

Copper Eddy Current Set 60 cm (24 in.)

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Item #: ED-140
*Backordered: 05/17/16
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As you drop neodymium magnets down these large diameter, thick-walled copper and aluminum tubes, you can watch them twist and turn as they slowly fall. A moving magnetic field creates a surprisingly strong opposing magnetic field in these tubular conductors. Each tube kit listed below contains a thick-walled Eddy Current Tube and sample neodymium magnets. Please see below for details. The length of the heavy-walled aluminum tube is calculated so that magnets take the same time to fall as the shorter copper tube.


Approx. Dimensions

Approx. Fall Time

Included Neodymium Magnets

Item Number


18 cm (7 in.) 34 mm Dia

4 sec

2 rings



36 cm (15 in.) 34 mm Dia

4 sec

2 rings



60 cm (24 in.) 26 mm Dia

18 sec

1 sphere


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