Mirrors, Lenses & Prisms

Mirrors, lenses, and prisms reflect, refract, and split light into different colors. Shine a light beam into the Corner Mirror and the beam is reflected directly back, parallel to the incoming beam. Available in different sizes, our high quality Plastic Mirrors are durable and just right for mirror writing, periscopes, and many other experiments. The Mirage uses mirrored surfaces to create a 3-dimensional real image. The Concave/Convex Mirror is double sided and curved and so has both a concave side and a convex side on a single mirror. Equilateral & Right Angle Prisms are made of optical glass or clear colorless acrylic plastic. Some colored light travels through the Magic Filter Kit and some casts a shadow. The effect is different when the filter is placed on pieces of colored paper.

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Optics Kit
Corner Mirror
Magic Filter Kit
$15.95 - $108.95
Biconvex & Biconcave Lenses
$3.95 - $16.50
Prisms, Equilateral & Right Angle
$6.95 - $7.95
The Mirage 3-D Instant Hologram Maker
$4.75 - $39.95
Plastic Mirrors
$1.65 - $6.95
Plastic Magnifier (individual)
Concave/Convex Mirror