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Educational Innovations has compiled the best science media from names you know and trust. We're proud to offer books from Terrific Science, Paul Hewitt, and everyone's favorite laboratory comedian, Bryce Hixson, with his full line of "seriously funny" books. Our video library is filled with DVD's of everything from the critically acclaimed NOVA video series to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Car Crash videos!

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Plant Stigmas & Other Botanical Concerns
Science and Children's Literature Library Kit 1
Science and Children's Literature Library Kit 2
The Best of Paul Hewitt 2 DVD Set
Touch This - Conceptual Physics by Paul Hewitt
Conceptual Physics Alive-The San Francisco Years
$185.00 - $250.00
Hewitt's Conceptual Physics Workshop for Teachers
Out of Stock
Brain-Powered Science: Teaching and Learning with Discrepant Events by Thomas O'Brien
Branches of Science (CD) by Leigh Russ
$15.95  Special:$13.95
Singing The Science Standards - Volumes I-III
Understanding Car Crashes Videos
$14.95 - $19.95
Powers Of Ten - The Original Film
Out of Stock
The Original World Wide Web - by Bryce Hixson
Digits, Midgets, & Degrees K by Bryce Hixson
Thermodynamic Thrills - by Bryce Hixson
$14.95  Special:$11.95
Photon U - by Bryce Hixson
Gitcher Poop in a Group - by Bryce Hixson
Electron Herding - by Bryce Hixson
$14.95  Special:$9.56
Gravity Works - by Bryce Hixson
What's Up? - by Bryce Hixson