Forensic Science

Move over CSI team, and step back Nancy Drew! Forensics has branched out from what used to be an elective in progressive high schools to a core part of the science curriculum in many elementary, middle, and high school science classrooms. Our forensic science product line includes everything you'll need for all levels of crime fighting activities. We have classroom-tested kits that can span an entire semester or condense into a 3-day lesson. We offer forensic kits that provide enough materials to stage your own crime scene and the necessary detective equipment to solve the case. Safely learn about blood typing in your science classroom by using our artificial blood typing kit, or see how much you can discover with the right tools such as our pocket UV light. Use real fingerprinting technology with our Zephyr Brush, dusting powder, and Standard FBI Applicant Fingerprint Cards.

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Dissolving Paper
$7.95 - $42.50
The Carter Creek Mystery: An Environmental Disaster
The Lois McArthur Mystery: A Murder Investigation
Birdhouse Spy Camera
$34.95 - $94.95
Fabric Identification Kit
Multi-Fiber Unknowns
Multi-Fiber Dyes
Multi-Fiber Ribbon
Official Evidence Bags
Fingerprinting Ink Pads
Fingerprint Cards - Standard FBI Applicant (50 cards)
Bi-Chromatic Zephyr Fingerprint Supplies
$10.95 - $74.95
Simulated 'Blood' ABO Typing Class Kit
Spy Pen - Invisible Ink Pen
Case Of The Missing Mascot: A Crime Scenario
$79.95 - $149.95
Case Of The Lost Skull: A Crime Scenario
$91.95 - $176.95
Case Of The Kidnapped Cookies: A Crime Scenario
$79.95 - $149.95
Forensics Knowledge Cards
FACES Composite Picture Software
$124.95 - $895.95