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At Educational Innovations we are constantly introducing Super! Wow! Neat! Science products: items that we would use in our own classrooms to make our students exclaim, "How the heck did that happen!?!" Our products are proven to generate not only ohhhs and ahhhs from your students but they also bring serious smiles to their faces. Here are our latest finds!

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Plant Stigmas & Other Botanical Concerns
Climate Change Mug
$12.95 - $64.95
Magnetic Sand Timer
Harbottle Differential Pressure Demonstration
Out of Stock
Snap Circuits Jr.
Brite Star Tinsel - Levitating Orb Experiment
Light Bulb Experiment Kit
Out of Stock
Petri Dishes
$4.95 - $6.95
Miniature Light Bulbs
Soda Bottle Bird Feeder
Safari Animated Book
Ocean Animated Book
The Ultimate Paper Sample Pack
Bubble Timer
Pet Tornado
Light Bulb Holder with Fahnestock Clips
Plant Maze Kit
Heat Sensitive Periodic Table Cups
Heat Activated Constellation Mug
Jumper Wires
Out of Stock