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At Educational Innovations we are constantly introducing Super! Wow! Neat! Science products: items that we would use in our own classrooms to make our students exclaim, "How the heck did that happen!?!" Our products are proven to generate not only ohhhs and ahhhs from your students but they also bring serious smiles to their faces. Here are our latest finds!

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Starter Geode Kit
Shark Mini Dig Kit
Treasure Mini Dig Kit
Real Bug Mini Dig Kit
Gemstone Mini Dig Kit
Fossil Mini Dig Kit
14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot
Spy Science Intruder Alarm
Solar Robot
Solar Rover
Weather Science
Tin Can Cable Car
Illusion Science
BusyBody Quick Pose Animator
Navigator NV212 Balance (OHAUS NV212)
Navigator NV Balances
$184.95 - $213.95
Navigator NVT Balance (OHAUS NVT1601/1)
Energy Tube
Centripetal Spinner