Study electricity without getting zapped! Luminglas lightning disks make a spectacular and completely safe electricity demonstration. The Plasma Globe, a small Tesla Coil, produces an alternating high voltage potential which attracts or repels free electrons, making an awesome light show! Retrace the steps of Morse and other inventors as you conduct experiments and build a device that works as a telegraph sounder, a buzzer, and an electrical relay. Snap together electronic blocks to build over 300 different electronic circuits. No wire twisting! When the two electrodes on the Energy Ball are touched simultaneously, the device flashes and makes a warbling sound.

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Spy Science Intruder Alarm
Tin Can Cable Car
Energy Tube
Light Bulb Holders with Fahnestock Clips
$0.75 - $19.95
Snap Circuits Jr.
Brite Star Tinsel - Levitating Orb Experiment
Light Bulb Experiment Kit
Miniature Light Bulbs
Jumper Wires
D Cell Battery Holders
$1.50 - $4.95
Exergia Electricity from Hot Water - Learning Kit
Electric Paint Pen (10 ml)
$12.95 - $19.95
Plasma Globe Experiment Kit
$11.95 - $21.95
Energy Ball
Reinventing Morse Kit
HomoMotor Kit
$6.95 - $49.95
FunFlyStick Static Electricity Demonstration
$4.95 - $99.00
Static Tube Kit
Luminglas Disk - 6 inch Diameter
Styrofoam Pellets 2 liters container (2 quarts)