Graduated Transfer Pipets #222

Graduated Transfer Pipets #222, bag of 100

22 points (Points accrued: 0)
5 mL
Item #: PP-222A

Graduated Transfer Pipets #222, box of 500

54 points (Points accrued: 0)
5 mL
Item #: PP-222
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At 25 drops per milliliter (40 microliters per drop), these pipets are perfect for approximate measurements up to one ml at 0.25 ml graduations. We have found that this size pipet is just right for making super Cartesian Divers! Simply trim off the end and add one of our ballast nuts (Item CD-3). They can also be heat-sealed to form a liquid tight storage vessel. These pipets are so useful, it's always good to have a few around.

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