Ceramic Magnets

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Ceramic Bar Magnets (pkg. of 2)

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0.375 in. x 0.875 in. x 1.875 in.
Item #: M-700

Ceramic Ring Magnets (pkg of 20)

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0.25 in. thick x 1.25 in. dia. with 0.375 in. hole
Item #: M-710

Ceramic Ring Magnets (pkg of 100)

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Item #: M-715
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These high-grade ceramic magnets have been used for years for experimentation, projects, or simply to hold papers to magnetic chalk boards. They are strong and safe. The large bar magnets are great for picking up items such as paper clips or nails. Use them to collect the magnetite (black iron mineral) out of beach sand. (Hint: Place your magnet in a plastic zip-lock bag to avoid the mess of cleaning the magnetite off your magnet.)

Like our bar magnets, the ceramic ring magnets are perfect for a variety of experiments, projects, or simply holding papers to magnetic chalk boards. These rings fit perfectly over a standard pencil and are perfect for demonstrating magnetic repulsion.