Density Experiments & Lesson Materials

Our density sets are perfect for graphing activities. Students try to identify each of 12 different samples by determining their density with the Density Identification Set. Density Cubes are extra large (25 mm) cubes of 6 different metals: aluminum, brass, copper, iron, lead, and zinc. We have 1-liter bottles and the perfect ballast nuts and plastic pipets for making terrific Cartesian divers every time. Real Japanese 1 Yen coins are made from aluminum and can be made to float on the surface of a cup of water. We have super dense wood that sinks in water. Powered by baking powder, the Diving Submarine dives and surfaces just like a real submarine.
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Exciting Density Experiments to Dive Into

Density can be a, well, dense topic to cover. But with density experiments and projects from Educational Innovations, you can teach your students valuable density concepts in a way that is engaging and exciting! We can supply your science class with all the tools you need for safe, fun density experiments and demonstrations, with everything from rocks that float (also called pumice) to super dense wood that sinks. With our materials, you can challenge your students to determine the density of all kinds of objects. Discover our full line of density sets for your classroom.

At Educational Innovations, our team of teachers and product specialists are always working hard to develop materials and activities that will keep your density lessons afloat! Your students can dive right into learning about Cartesian Divers or you can give them a blast from the past with the classic Diving Submarine. With these kinds of density activities, your students will stay excited about science. Find some more ideas on our blog and get everything you need for classroom density experiments now!